Whether it's a personal passion project or a practical solution to everyday problems, I see these open-source projects as creative vessels for exploring and learning new topics.

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Personal Website

TypeScriptReactNext.jsTailwind CSSMDXRedisRESTful API

The website that you're currently on, serves as a personal platform where I share my learnings through blog posts and showcase my project portfolio. It is an opportunity for me to experiment with new technologies, design concepts, and content strategies. Built using Next.js, a powerful React.js framework, the project benefits from features like file-based routing, efficient data fetching, and various optimizations. Additionally, Tailwind CSS, a highly adaptable CSS framework is used, enabling greater customization and maintainability.


TypeScriptReactChakra UIFirebase

Puri is an Order Management System developed for a logistics company in Semarang. The application successfully transformed the customer order processing workflow, replacing the outdated physical whiteboard-based system with a modern web-based solution. This transition enabled real-time data display and push notifications, facilitating seamless coordination between the sales and logistics divisions.